About Me

Hi, I’m Angela Knapp and I’m Textile Artist whom specialises in creating unique images of birds.  A move with my family to south Somerset in 2008 offered me the chance to start a new chapter in my life and become a full time artist. I now had the time to create, experiment and explore my love of nature, painting and textiles. I set out on a creative journey and tried different themes and techniques recording progress on my blog.

Two key elements combined to change this journey; Firstly I began drawing again after 15 years or more, using machine stitching to recreate the birds I had drawn and secondly I embraced the world of social media and shared the results.

It started with a Blackbird and I soon realised I needed to start experimenting to find a technique that allowed me to add small details using fabric and thread . By the time the second piece was finished my work had undergone a major turning point both technically and creatively and I knew that the theme of birds was one that I wanted to develop.  This journey is continuous as each new piece teaches me something new or gives me ideas for the next project.

You can read more about how each of these pieces were created on my blog at www.carymade.me



Angela Knapp